Poster Lamination

It's impossible to show you the benefits of lamination online but take our word for it. Laminated posters look great!

Laminating adds depth and detail to any image. Colours look more vibrant and the image looks sharper. In addition the posters can be rolled numerous times without any crinkles or tears. In fact they will last for years. In short, laminating enhances the look and ensures the longevity of your posters.

You can have a high gloss finish or satin matt finish which will eliminate reflections.

Just 5.95 GBP for any poster up to 36 x 24 inches or 9.95 GBP for one of our door posters.
Add a voucher to your poster order and we will do the rest.

An example of lamination finishes
A comment from one of our customers: "lamination of the poster improves the quality alot! RECOMMENED"

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